Thanks :)

I was thinking about making a bank, but getting ZASFX presets out of LMMS is so inconvinient...

2013/2/15 Chrissy McManus <>
Tobiasz *unfa*   

Unfa you make some really good sounds using ZASF, i myself have almost filled a full bank of homemade presets,
whenever i get them all sounding good and fill the bank i will post them up online for all to use.
1 thing i would love is automation of the fx presets and the filter lfo "frequeny" in ZASF to be controllable
within LMMS, il have a look in the code and see if i can have a go at getting this to work somehow, and if not 
i will ask Mike Choi if he can maybe do it ....

thanks Mikobuntu ;)

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