On Jul 12, 2014 2:48 AM, "Qrchack" <qrchackofficial@gmail.com> wrote:
> Already said I have Perl, Python and Ruby on my server. Still going for tuxfamily? :P

And we already listed the steps to get a team together which you have ignored.

Nearly every hosting provoder offers those services.  At least 5 people on this list own hosting that's better than tuxfamily (some with virtually unlimited bandwidth) but so as long as they are registered to a single individual, they carry a huge risk of going away.  Please understand we need something that has "us" and "our", in it, not "I" and "my".  The sooner you understand how to make that happen the sooner "your" hosting could become "our" hosting.

Tuxfamily has been around for a while, is free and is advertisement free.  That's a good start for a community that has no or little bills currently (and no proper formation to pay for such bills).  Do you want to get us organized?  Probably not (P.S. it kinda sucks) so we need something that works for us.  If you have a bright idea please tell us.