I think you misunderstand my intent a bit.
No one misunderstood you, Vesa.  This isn't "your intent" but rather it is "our intent".  This topic is the future of lmms, not the future of one particular person.  Your opening statement says :

The future of LMMS is very uncertain right now.... ...there are some looming issues that are getting worse as we go on.

You are trying to sell us on the idea of a tooth extraction when we don't even have a comfort level that we'll be smiling at the end of the surgery. :)
I kind of doubt if those who are comfortable using pirated FL studio are likely to contribute money to improve an open source DAW...

This assumption is wrong and your perception of our userbase is inaccurate.  Do you think those who download Gimp never pirated Photoshop?  Do you think those that use Kdenlive never used Premiere?  Do you think Linux users are born in the womb with a Tux tattoo?  Well, perhaps some of them are but the vast majority of them were raised in the world they live in.  The good commercial versions do the job right the first time but come at a price that almost no one can justify so users are stuck with trying to unlock demos and stealing product keys so they can continue being productive.  Every professional musician I know at one point used pirated DAW and or plugins.  I gave up on LMMS and switched to Ableton a year ago because our group refused to use software without Undo.  Don't minimize these things.  They is important and you can't say they are not.  They mean something to people and those people's opinions matter despite what path they took to get here.