Sure. I'd rather not send it through lmms-devel, and I will remove a few parts before I send it (purely because I'd rather the project not be available to everyone and be kept somewhat private). I'll send it directly to one of your emails if you'd like - any takers?


On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 4:53 AM, Raine M. Ekman <> wrote:
Let's see.. one automation event would be under 40 bytes, to be generous. That's 25ish events in 1 kB, not quite 2 quarter beats at 1/64 resolution. A megabyte then contains 25,000 events, which is something like 400 4/4 bars with an automation value for every 64th note... Did my math go wrong somewhere or is there something odd going on? You'd still need hundreds of those to get to this file size.

Matt, can you put the file (preferably from before your edits) somewhere to be examined?

Toby, please ignore my patch #47 in light of this and the vector automation patch a while back.

Citerar Matt Brooks <>:

Thank you for the advice!

I took a look at the file and discovered a massive number of lines for one
automation track. After finding out the name of the track that caused the
problem I began editing the project file, clearing the automation and
rewriting it at a resolution of 32 as opposed to 64. While doing that it
froze and I'm now waiting for it to wake up again (usually this takes about
an hour). If I ever get through the whole automation track I'll let you all
know the resulting file size.

On Dec 11, 2013 2:45 PM, "Tobias Doerffel" <>


Probably you're using "too much" of automation, so there's a lot of
automation data in the files (one line/XML-tag per value). You could try to
reduce usage of automation. Alternatively take a look at the file in an
editor and try to find out what uses to much data.

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