I was wondering if there is something like a native plugin API in LMMS. I have a few ideas for plugins/instruments for LMMS that I would like to write and I don't want to do it with LADSPA/LV2, because I don't know that API yet, besides at least one of those plugins would require it's own, specific GUI (which would be done in Qt, to remain compatible with LMMS). The other reason is that I think that LMMS has the potential to become a really good, professional-grade music making application for Linux and I don't want those features to be too easy to reimplement in other applications (I know it's a bit egoistic, but I'm not really interested in other music apps at the moment). ;)

Another question I have is about the tools used for development. I'm not talking about the obvious things like a make tool or GCC. I was wondering if you're using a specific IDE for LMMS development, so that I can be as compatible with my plugin work as possible. :)

Best regards,
Peter "MoroS" Mrożek