I have a contact that can provide us with free google apps accounts through his education account plus purchase the domain for us

On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 3:03 AM, Tres Finocchiaro <tres.finocchiaro@gmail.com> wrote:
When the link is embedded in our software, the users will get the impression that we guarantee the viability of that link.

Then let's guarantee it.  We've all "been there" in terms of watching free services die off (such as the hypothetical SourceForge unavailability), so lets buy the domain we've been talking about and make sure it's under an account that a handful of trustworthy community members have access to.  Let's make sure we can all renew it and access it under an inbox that we can all sign into.

I realize this still has its inherent trust issues... hosting providers can be based in a potential untrustworthy country... the "service account" email provider can be based in potentially untrustworthy country, but the buck must stop somewhere.  We can't hide behind these excuses as the sole reasons for not providing a service.  If it's too much work, fine.  If it's too expensive, fine, but our banks, our paychecks, our EFTs, this very email, our SourceForge login, our PC data, our photo uploads, our VPN connections, they all relies on certain assumptions of security, despite the backdoors that we know do exist.  We can ALWAYS find reasons NOT to do something. This argument can go on for years, it won't get us any further than a bunch of archived emails on a mailing list.


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