Hosting I can provide for the website that is no problem and free of charge. but hosting the installers might be an issue for me. I guess that can be left on sourceforge unless we can put them elsewhere.

On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 6:02 PM, Tres Finocchiaro <> wrote:
are you offering to [buy it]?
Yes I've spoken with my business partner (who is a Linux-only user) and we agreed to sponsor this.

What happens if we lose it in the future?
We don't.  We put a process in place that allows transfer of ownership and alerts us if the bill isn't getting paid.

What are you two discussing here, really? I don't understand.
@Stian, Thanks for bringing this up. :) 


When emails on this list spend a considerable amount of time using satire, personal attacks, words like "stupid", dramatic comparisons (anything that's stemming from the ego, when the instances of "I" or "YOU" are outnumbering the instances of  "WE"), then nothing gets resolved. Sadface.  Most FOSS followers have come to accept this dialog, it's in the very seed of the culture ( In the case of the Linux Kernel, this dialog seems to bring pride and in many cases, resolve.  In the case of the smaller projects, i.e. Pidgin, it seems to have a negative effect.  Example:  At least once a week someone that works for Oracle asks the Pidgin mailing list for help resetting their password (something Pidgin mailing list clearly can't do!).  Nearly every time the OP, an Oracle employee,  gets called (in more or less words) "stupid".  Perhaps my blood doesn't run FOSS enough because I would never call them "stupid".  This conversation escalated from a statement from Vesa saying if we provide updates, "must be absolutely secure. No compromises, no excuses, it MUST be secure", which on it's own was a fair statement, but I questioned the legitimacy of this requirement (i.e. "What's so bad with a link to the downloads section?").  Unfortunately, the Snowden/US espionage came into conversation and this is a hard topic to rebound from and get back on track, especially in the FOSS world, which has been advocating against some of these fundamental security principals for a very long time, and have become the defacto standard for security, like it or not.  /sidebar

Back on topic... this domain and hosting conversation came up, but never amounted to much.  From recollection, it was due to the reluctance to pick a domain name...  Toby liked "" but he also wasn't opposed to keeping sourceforge for the long haul.  If there are some securities we can help guarantee by having our own domain, this may be the time to decide?


Thanks for the sanity check. :)  

I found this after searching around...

It's the update dialog for VirtualBox.  Perhaps with some clicking around the VBOX-OSE source, we can determine how they do it?


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