Well, I can understand that sharing VSTs with the song could get complicated because legal issues, but samples should be possible, no?

But yeah, tar'ing or even zip'ing all the used files together should work perfectly.

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 5:14 PM, oeai <oeai@ya.ru> wrote:
yeah, maybe a tar that includes all used project files (this is hard for
and i would even transcode some wav and aiff files of drums into .ogg -
then put this all together - but this is very complicated thing doing
this for vsts or synths, that are actually more like proprietary, so you
can't just share .dll really.
is it about this orpheon?

On 20.02.2013 18:38, Mike Choi wrote:
> Hi,
> Not sure if I get the idea of such sharing, you think to use something
> like a tar and put it on some public share?
> Best regards,
> - Mike C.
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 3:29 PM, Alexander Liebendorfer
> <alex.liebendorf@gmail.com <mailto:alex.liebendorf@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Wouldn't it be possible to have an other file type where the
>     samples and plugins and stuff would get embedded into the file? I
>     know it would make the size a lot larger, but it would be great to
>     have a file sharing system where you know that it'll sound the
>     same everywhere without users having to install and put all your
>     samples into specific places (which they usually don't do).
>     --
>     Orpheon


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