Hi all,

I wanted to expand the last chapter in the User Manual for LMMS (about composing a song).

I have added both methods of automating a control: (a) song-global automation and (b) linking with an element on an automation track.

However, while describing the step-by-step procedure, I came across two discoveries:

1. Once I apply a song-global automation, there is no way to remove it.
   So how to rest this?
   The only possible way seems to draw an automation curve that is set at default value (e.g. 100% for volume, 0 for PAN).
   But this is not an elegant solution.
   Ideally, when I apply song-global automation, the option in the context menu should change to "Remove song-global automation"

2. LMMS allows a user to simultaneously apply both types of automation to any control.
   This is not good, because the result is not predictable.

Should I raise bugs, or is there some other solution?