I was surprised to discover that Wikipedia does not already have a German article on LMMS.
After all, Germany has the second-largest download of the User Manual (despite the fact that it is in English!).

Some comments-

1. It would be good to list the features of the program first. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LMMS#Features

2. Remove the QT4-related sentence- It is a trivial detail.

If you must include it, then introduce a "History" section and put this there (along with other historical trivia).

3. Conventionally, Wikipedia does not explain the GUI (various windows) of any software program.

(If you do want to write on this subject, you will have to start a wikibook. http://de.wikibooks.org/wiki/Hauptseite)

4. In the "Siehe auch" section, you can list other software

To find more equivalent applications: http://alternativeto.net/software/lmms---linux-multimedia-studio/
(Tip: Check out ALL the applications listed on that page- You could discover some more applications that are not listed on the LMMS page. For example, if you click on FL Studio" link, you will see alternative applications for FL Studio, many of which are equivalent to LMMS, but some of them may not NOT listed on the LMMS page.)

5. BTW if you decide to retain the UI section, then correct the following:
  (Note: I used Google translation. So the comments below may not be accurate.)

a. The heading "Ausstattung" translates to "Equipment" in English. It should be "User interface".
b. Add "editor" After "piano roll" and "automation".
c. There is no top-level window called "Instrumentspur" (see the User Manual for details)
d. Add "Note Editor" window

6. You can mention the User Manual (pdf file) as source/reference:

7. Add that the user can record his own samples and use it as melody instrument or percussion instrument.

8. The wiki page mentions that-
"LMMS includes a large library of prebuilt synth sounds and samples in Ogg Vorbis format
This draws unnecessary attention to the ogg vorbis format. Actually LMMS can use multiple formats flexibly.
Especially when it comes to user-recorded samples, users may have a concern whether they can use mp3s.
Therefore, please mention what filetypes LMMS can handle.

By the same token, also mention the export file types.

Hope that helps.


On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 2:01 PM, René Kopeinig <renekopeinig@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello LMMS-Community :-)

My name is René Kopeinig and I want to promote this great program in the german area of the world with an article on Wikipedia :-D. 
Can you please read it and give me a feedback?

here is the link: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Deadlyhappen/LMMS

If you find some mistakes in the article or there is something what misses in it, please let me know :-)

much regards René

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