Competition time!!

We're accepting Christmas song submissions from artists who use Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS). Here are the rules:

1) Your song(s) must be made using only freeware (LMMS, Audacity...)
2) You may submit a maximum of 2 (two) songs. (You may submit Works-In-Progress [WIP] as you create your songs to get constructive feedback. You must begin the title of those partial submissions with [WIP] so they will not be counted as an actual submission)
2) You must put effort into your song(s) (or else you won't win!!)
3) Deadline for submissions is 12 AM (midnight) Friday, December 20th 2013
4) The judges will pick the top 10 submissions and release the LMMS Christmas album as a free download (hopefully) before Christmas Day

What you'll get out of this? Not much, I guess. You'll get some plays on your song, good feedback from fellow artists, and you'll get to enjoy a fun competition. This is about putting your skills in front of others. It is also about showing off to the world what LMMS can do.

Think you're up for it? SUBMIT NOW!! :-)