> syed -
> We can always use help. Please tell us what skills you have that can
> be helpful (coding? art? documentation? translation? sound-samples?
> other?)

well i've already been helping out in many ways, just for info i am "sim" in the IRC room.

i am currently working on a segment for "open source musician podcast" about lmms, and sent out an email a week or 2 ago asking if anyone had anything they think i ought to include. also once i can record sound with recordMyDesktop i will be making a sidechain compression video, and maybe some other tutorials too, which i might tie in with the podcast and get a regular "lmms tech segment" on there.

along with skiessi i helped to make the vst wiki page, and also just hanging out in the irc room and helping any users with questions if im able to.

unfortunately my net has been cut off at the moment which is crap so not got much access at the min, hopefully that will be sorted out soon.