Are you making dubstep? Can we hear some of it? :D (Me experimenting with that too!)

I think that is a good idea, is there anyone who can add this as a GIT branch or something?

2011/6/4 Joshua Albert <>
Right now, there is a "FREQ X 100" check box that multiplies the LFO speed by 100, which is useful, but the lowest setting is very fast for what I needed. The fastest rate on the normal setting is actually pretty slow.

While I can get certain effects by animating both the checkbox and the LFO speed itself, it was really a hassle. I decided to attempt to implement a "FREQ X 10" checkbox and put it in the empty space next to the "FREQ X 100" checkbox, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Having this checked while animating the LFO speed is very useful, for instance, in composing a dynamic dubstep wobble bass, as it allows for a more intuitive range of frequencies.

I have the code if anyone wants it (I basically just duplicated the code for the FREQ X 100, but changed the 100 to 10 in all instances, and changed the placement so it showed up next to rather than on top of the x100),  but I don't have a branch or anything on the repo.

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