Hi all,

I just submitted a patch to the dev branch that allows to split segments in the instrument track.

My next project will be merging two (or possibly more) segments into one.
While the ui for splitting was easy and straightforward, merging could be done in different ways.

I see two main approaches:
I got me a old pdf from a Cubase manual. There it is handled quite simple:
You click the merge button and then you click a segment. This segment will be merged with whatever segment follows next on the track. If there is empty space between the tracks the new segment will have some empty space too.

An alternative approach would be to select several segments and then click the merge button and merge all segments.
That's maybe more comfortable but could be slightly confusing sometimes.

Maybe other programs have even better ideas.

Then there is the question how to handle segments that overlap or hide each other. If this happens, I would at least show a dialog to warn the user and give him a chance to cancel the operation.

Any other important edge cases i miss here that could lead to problems depending on which segments are chosen for merging?

thorsten (rymr)