I like where this is headed. Keep up the good work!

On Sep 14, 2010 4:20 AM, "Stefan Fendt" <stefan@sfendt.de> wrote:
> Hello again from the oscillator-front...
> ok,... the last approach sounded very good... but... I was not able to
> get it performing the higher order modulations used in tripple-osc in
> real-time (Sync and AM/FM) ... Only basic waveforms were possible. While
> this was not too bad, I personally wanted to get these modulations
> working without alias, too... So, here is my second attempt using
> generator-based oversampling:
> 1. not wavetable-based any more (less memory consumption)
> 2. "just" oversamples the "naive" waveform-generators used by
> Tripple-Osc with a sinc-filter.
> 3. can be done up to 32 times oversampling (if the machine can do it
> my can do this for at least 20 voices)...
> 4. Benefit: can be done individually for each Tripple-Osc-Instance
> (so if you don't need this because you synthesize a
> bass-waveform... you don't need to turn this on. So it does not
> waste CPU-cycles if it's not needed... allowing for the "old"
> behavior mixed with the new one...)
> 5. Drawback: if the plugin doesn't know it can use oversampling,...
> it doesn't use it...
> 6. Still some bugs preventing me from releasing this ... but I might
> get these out on weekend... ;-)
> While I can measure that there is some (minor) alias left... I can't
> hear the difference to the last approach...
> cu
> Stefan