2008/7/30 Tobias Doerffel <tobias.doerffel@gmail.com>

On Wednesday 30 July 2008 21:46:12 Csaba Hruska wrote:
> I'd like to announce that i have half done SID (C64 sound chip) instrument
> plugin based on ReSID library. I'll release it in few days. when i finish
> it ;)
Yeah cool :) I hope you wrote the plugin for development 0.4.x-series and not
for old 0.3.x-series, otherwise it'll take some effort to migrate it to 0.4.x.
Anyways looking forward to see your plugin.

> I'm also planning to implement a new lmms (automation) feature  called
> "instrument automation".
> I need that to avoid drawing global automation curve for every instrument
> note, instead i'd like to draw and connect an automation curve to an
> instrument and it will affect automatically to every instrument note. Here
> are few examples: a triple oscillatro instrument with changing waveforms or
> modulation type.
> Any opinion ?
Hm sounds interesting although quite complicated... if you plan to realize
this, you should manage a separate patch we can integrate after starting
0.9.x-development-series (which will be forked off from 0.4.1 or 0.4.2 and end
up in 1.0.x)
I've just recognized the Controller Rack and that's similar what i've imagined.
I'll check how are controllers implemented and i'd like to make minimal modification.
Probably i'll extend current controller feature. (maybe add a new controller type)