And in addition I was thinking about the ability to export all VST knobs and parameters and make them fully controllable via automation editor- that would be nice. 

--so maybe for a next update, I'd like to make that work e.g. for FX Channels after some tweaks & tests.. I guess it could work somehow?? :-)

Best regards,


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From: <quadro2@email.cz>

Subject: [Lmms-users] LMMS patch for loading VST presets (fxp, fxb)

Date: 16.5.2011 21:31:10


Hello all,

I made a quick patch to be able to load different presets for my VSTs  (both fxp / fxb).


Well it has been tested on several free VSTi which are supporting presets with chunks of program data (most of nowadays plugins I think?)

Like ugo rez v2, RMXL, It works also for Oatmeal, Synth1 or even with Triple Cheese just to load fxp/fxb presets .

Download link.


Looking forward to any comments/feedback :)

Best regards,