Good reply, toby.  I think we may want to discuss the new file format one more time before someone sits down to implement it.

On Nov 16, 2009 4:50 AM, "Tobias Doerffel" <> wrote:


Am Montag, 16. November 2009 10:22:59 schrieb Andy Kelley:

> It sounds like everyone is in favor of using git master as "stable." So > let's figure out what ne...

Ok, then let's follow the topic-branch development model for the future (as we
already started a few months ago).

> * Welcome Screen needs to be completed

Yes. This needs some simple work such as adding support for tutorials, add a
"did you know" database somewhere online (and a possibility to ship LMMS with
a default set of these hints). The "Instant MIDI action" button requires the
new preferences dialog to be finished. In the new dialog you will be able to
select a default instrument (e.g. Sf2Player (for which a default sf2 can be
configured)) as well as select the default MIDI device.

For my part I'll focus on the new preferences dialog now. I hope to find some
time this evening to finally add and complete the QSettings-based
configuration framework (I already have in my other project iTALC).

After that my next steps will be to finish resource framework:
* a dialog for managing resource locations (folders, online resources)
* new resource-based project file format
* non-blocking fetch of resources (esp. important for online data)
* fix bugs

> * the crappy automation recording that is in master needs to be moved into > a branch

Moving that to a separate branch now, doesn't seem to make much sense to me.
I'd rather commit fixes for this directly to master now. If possible, I want
to avoid to revert all commits that introduced automation recording and start
over (possibly with the same code) in a new branch. However it's up to you, as
this is your feature..


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