I like the ideas regarding tutorials.  Relative units are always nice, but we have a slight problem.  The text in the menu is relative (px values on fonts are still zoomed based on text size. I guess it is just the pixel size at 100%).  If I increase the text size, then the last menu item wraps underneath the menubar.  What is worse is that the text is then white on white.  I guess we need to make the menubar white-space: nowrap?

The CSS thing you are talking about sounds interesting, but you have to remember who our target audience is.  For the same reason, it probably isn't worth worrying too much on how the page displays in IE - as long as it is viewable.   Did  my tarball make it to the list?  By the way, where did you get "Rob"?

Criticisms aside, a big thanks goes out to Toby for giving the website a much needed facelift.


On 10/13/07, mass_konfuzion < lherard@gmail.com> wrote:

Sub[0] wrote:
> to lsp: "tutorials" should not be a sub-categorie of "projects"...okay
> they are project files too, but this will be not songfiles just to
> listen to, its more. they should have its own category in the lsp (i
> mean like Projects and Samples an so on..)

I agree with this point--I would make "Tutorials" its own section, because
people will most likely contribute tutorials on a large range of topics,
especially as LMMS grows and the "way things work" changes.

And I didn't look into all the stuff that Rob said, but it sounded good,
especially the piece about relative measures.  It makes the site more
flexible, especially as people are increasingly using different devices to
browse the web, e.g. mobile phones and pocket PCs.

Another point to consider is source ordering.  This is extrememly nitpicky
and you may already know about it, but I'll mention it anyway:  Source
ordering deals with the way you write your CSS that allows for you to put
the code for your actual content FIRST in the source code (before the code
for the navigation menu, etc), but the site will still look correct on a
computer.  Web developers do this so that people who are browsing their
sites devices that may not interpret CSS can get the content first, without
having to scroll for 5 minutes.  Of course, this only matters if you're
concerned about people browsing on those devices, which may or may not be
important to you.  But if it is, it's better to do it earlier than later.

Just a thought.

- mkf

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