Stephane Thomas a écrit :
Le jeudi 22 décembre 2005 à 16:42 +0100, Tobias Doerffel a écrit :

after 3 month of work there's finally LMMS 0.1.2, which offers quite a lot new 
features as well as bug-fixes and so on....

Why is it always the 0.1.1 version (0.1.1-cvs20051221) on cvs ?

Another thing is when running the configure script with --with-vst I get
the following warning :

 You seem to have a proper WINE-installation, but the header-files
 = (AEffect.h and aeffectx.h) from Steinberg-VST-SDK are missing or not
 = in /usr/include/vst. We cannot distribute them as they're licensed
 = a GPL-incompatible license, so you'll have to download them at
 = and put the mentioned files into /usr/include/vst. Make sure, they're
 = patched with file aeffectx_h_fix.patch!

I can't see any dir called "SDK" at
What's this aeffectx_h_fix.patch for ?

Where can I find some VST plugins to use in LMMS, I saw some screenshots
and it seems to be a killer feature !

Thanks for help.


you can find DSK @