2009/9/11 Paul Giblock <drfaygo@gmail.com>
all good suggestions.  Mikkel, you mentioned:

"If you export the final track to lats say a wav file
will the problems then carry over to that sound on that wav file?"

I'd like to ask you that question.  Please try exporting to a wav, and
please let us know if the wav has the same issue.

Lmms doesn't really support long sample-tracks or anything yet.  Thus,
all samples and data are loaded into RAM when you load your project.
Therefore, Disk I/O should not be an issue unless you exhaust all of
your RAM and the OS begins paging to disk.  This can be determined by
looking at the output of the 'free' command.


Oops, my bad. I was subconsciously thinking about traditional DAW recorders when in fact we're only talking about MIDI.

But anyway, main thing is: faster system :) And in sequencers/synthesizers, RAM and CPU matter more in that order. Eg. if you have 2GB already, but a 1.6GHz pathetic laptop (albeit Core Duo) like mine, then it's time for an upgrade or shift the workflow to a desktop.