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#76 Bulk rearange / move blocks in song-editor


I would like if it was posible to mark blocks in the songeditor and then move them freely. An option to mark ALL (like ctrl-a) would also be very usefull.
when arangeing a piece sometimes the piece needs a new intro.. something completely new like an effect or a new instrument leading in to the piece. In that case it is very difficult to manually move say 50 blocks over say 19 tracks, and a bulk move would make that operation very simple.

To sum up
*multimove several specific marked block on several tracks
* mark a track (or several) and only move blocks on those marked tracks
*move ALL blocks on ALL tracks simultanous.



  • I have by chance found that the feature partly exists.
    It IS posible to mark tracks and move them. The method is to choose the 'notepad' tool from the speedbar (edit & move) but NOT click ON the track that should be selected -Click OUTSIDE the track(s) and THEN drag the mouse slowly in over the wanted tracks. The track(s) shift color and can now be moved pressing the left mouse-button ON the track(s)
    This method pretty mutch covers my previous insert (except a ctrl+a) and this can be closed.

  • When I was reading your comment musikBear I thought, YEAHH!! But then I could not make it work. Found out that you have to press both the left AND right mouse-button after you have highlighted the wanted area.

    I still think this is not as user friendly as it could be. After using the highlight/selection tool, why shouldn't we be able to use the draw/pen tool to move all the blocks and not just one.

    I have used 6 months working out if there were a feature like this...