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#65 song editor change-talked in irc room

s a

**this is copied directly from the irc room, which contains discussion about new ideas for song editor**

the idea is that BB and Song Editor both use the same pool of instruments
for visualization, we will still show the BB-TrackItems in the songEditor the same way they are now
however, they will "project" a "ghost" of the contained patterns onto the according instrumentTracks in the SongEditor

^main summary of idea

what follows is the direct copy of chat from the room leading upto the idea
<Skiessi> pgib, well if I have an istrument in song-editor, I need to save the preset to get it in the bb-editor
<pgib> I wonder how to handle this
<pgib> are you suggesting a full union of the instruments (I.e: All instruments are stored in song-editor. BB-editor simply reuses them?"
<pgib> or just a simpler way to duplicate and move tracks between song-editor and bb-editor?
<Skiessi> yeah full union, with option for *minimizing" the tracks which aren't used
<pgib> yeah, like either pruning or collapsing the tracks no used in the current BB
<pgib> I admit that will make things a bit simpler.. possibly
<Skiessi> yes
<pgib> loading pre-union songs may be interesting though

<Skiessi> maybe there could be some other gui changes too
<Skiessi> like if a bb-pattern is controling an instrument at a certain time, one should be able to see it
<Skiessi> there could be a transparent bb-pattern on the instrument track
<pgib> I was thinking something like that
<pgib> I wonder which way to do it:
<pgib> the thing is, you may have 2 BB-Tracks using the same Instrument on the Song
<pgib> I suppose it would be cool if the Notes from the BB-Track's Instrument-Track would be displayed on the Instrument-Track in the song
<pgib> I guess ghosted there

<Skiessi> I was thinking of that too
<pgib> and then maybe you can perform operations on that ghosted TCO
<pgib> like move it to the song, etc..
<Skiessi> yeah
<pgib> things may be weird if two simultaneous BB-Tracks are controlling the same Instrument
<Skiessi> true
<pgib> I imagine a feature like this will get you to use BB-Tracks instead of Patterns everywhere, huh?
<Skiessi> for sure
<pgib> well, I like the overall Idea
<Skiessi> and longer tracks
<pgib> and it is a good time - since we are redoing the Song-Editor
<pgib> let's see if we can come up with concrete ideas for all the UI details though
<Skiessi> sounds good
<_sim> well if they are submitted as feature requests, you have a concrete reference there
<pgib> I nominate one of you to do that


  • s a
    s a

    at the same time this is done i think it would be easier to incorporate the grouping idea in the song editor

    i.e - having several vocal tracks which can be compacted into one track thus taking less space in the song editor when you are dealing with another area of the track

    this would make life much easier when dealing with large projects where one can have 30-40+tracks - especially for users with smaller monitors - this would also have greatest benefit for those using lmms on a netbook because of their small screens in comparison to laptop+desktop users.

  • pigubaoza

    i think a way to better implement simta's suggestion is to allow the addition of collapsible folders where several instruments can be grouped into one folder. for example in Flash layers.