#496 Sustain Pedal Doesn't Work

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Stephen Coffman

I just downloaded LMMS yesterday - I think it was the 64 bit, Windows version. Everything was fine (I fixed a few problems, but overall I LOVED it). Then I tried to use the sustain pedal on my digital piano. It was not recognized by the program. HELP!!! I am a piano player with 12 years of experience and the sustain pedal is a key part of my playing. Please fix this bug. Thank you. This is a great program besides this. >) Thank you for creating such a great program.


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  • Thanks for the input. Sustain pedal support simply was not implemented up to now. However I gave it a try a few hours ago. The resulting work has been committed in commit c39512403b2e51b008ebd6f238495f5a0f5d1f69. It will be part of 0.4.14 release. Please test the code - we will provide a release candidate soon.

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