#444 Instrument won't play at all if automation is set to fade in

Behavior (260)

When using automation to set a held note to fade in from zero, the instrument won't play at all. The volume meter will rise, but no sound will play. Nothing shows up on the wavelength monitor, either, just a straight line. Turning off the associated automation track makes the instrument play normally (albeit at full volume and without the desired fade-in).


  • musikbear

    What instrument? Is this a native lmms instrument , or are you using a VST?
    Some VSTs will not recieve a 'on' signal if the volume is 0, so try with a value of ~1
    But if its a native lmms instrument,, something is wrong -what i then would suggest is to remove the automation track and insert another. Obvious something went wrong with the track in question, because automation of volume is definately not a problem with native lmms instruments.

  • poop

    The instrument is the Soundfont player. I checked most of the regular synthesizers (BitInvader, Freeboy, LB302), and you're right, automation works fine with those.

    I've gone back and experimented a bit more, and I've found that the SF player will just play the original volume of the note; so, for example, if the volume is starts at 30 and is set to rise to 200, the volume knob will turn, but the actual volume and waveform will not increase-it will play the "30" volume for the duration of the note (I hope this is making sense, I'm not very musically-inclined, and I don't know a lot of the vocabulary).

    The same effect takes place regardless of how the volume is supposed to change (be it decreases or random spikes and dips).