How does this work?

Roger Obon
  • Roger Obon
    Roger Obon

    Hello I'm quite new to this Linux system.
    Anyway I am trying to make this lmme work in my computer, I followed the instructions and this is what happened:

    I typed
    sh configure   - and it went fine
    make           - fine
    ./lmme and it says no such file or directory

    What I have to do?
    and how this program works, what do I have to type to start the lmme?

    Will I get an icon at the desktop?

    Do I need to download the original messenger from microsoft?

    Sorry I am a bit lost


    • I believe you have to add "cd src" between "make" and "./lmme".
      I don't know why the documentation doesn't mention that.

      - Hokky


    • Anonymous

      Where the correct installation procedure

      make install

      lmme should now work properly.

      Where some tips.
        /login password

      /help   for a complete list of command

      Have fun