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LMLJPEG Video Stream Library / News: Recent posts

First version of Skate available

The Skate library will handle all the low-level image buffering and colorspace conversion. It also handles blits and geometry conversions. Ideally, this will provide an image-format independent approach to graphic operations for future projects as well as LMLJPEG.

Posted by John Joganic 2001-09-25

JPEG compression/decompression complete

The pipeline is complete from RGBImage to JPEGImage allowing the compression and decompression of raw RGB data. Optimization is pending as the pipeline still needs to be extended to and from the LML device driver. Also, the ability to store and retrieve streams from the file system is coming next.

There is plenty of sample code and the library is presently in C++ so the code is pretty clean in terms of partitioning the problem into modularized components. Should be educational to anyone wanting to know how JPEG works without running amok in the IJG code.... read more

Posted by John Joganic 2001-02-24

First files checked into CVS

I have commit the first files of the project and got the website up and running. I will be uploading objects one at a time while I audit the code and make example test files. Presently, I have a completely working pipeline, but only one test application. The project will flesh out as I get the other objects into CVS.

Posted by John Joganic 2001-02-15