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Jamulus Release 3.3.9

Changes in the release 3.3.9:

  • another improvement of auto jitter buffer detection in very bad
    network conditions

  • support client operation without using a GUI frontend

  • bug fix: fixed a crash in the MacOS audio interface

Posted by Volker Fischer 2015-07-13

Jamulus Release 3.3.8

Changes in the release 3.3.8:

  • improved audio quality in bad network conditions

  • more realistic overall delay estimation

  • improvement of auto jitter buffer detection in bad network conditions

  • show info about sound card buffer size if not one of the standard sizes

Posted by Volker Fischer 2015-03-15

Jamulus Release 3.3.7

Changes in the release 3.3.7:

  • added a musician profile dialog (some settings in the main window
    were removed)

  • a tool tip for the fader tag shows the complete musician profile

  • the city and skill level can be set in the musician profile

  • added new instrument picture for "Guitar+Vocal"

Posted by Volker Fischer 2015-02-05

Jamulus Release 3.3.6

Changes in the release 3.3.6:

  • support for a country flag icon on the fader tag

  • a licence agreement dialog can be requested by the server

Posted by Volker Fischer 2015-01-25

Jamulus Release 3.3.5

Changes in the release 3.3.5:

  • new compile config options for disabling old CELT, use OPUS in a shared
    library and change the executable name

  • added a Linux jamulus.desktop file

Posted by Volker Fischer 2014-07-30

Jamulus Release 3.3.4

Changes in the release 3.3.4:

  • true stereo reverberation effect (previously it was a mono reverberation
    effect on both stereo channels)

  • added a mono-in/stereo-out mode to support special sound cards which have
    mono inputs for the instrument and a microphone but have stereo outputs

  • store fader solo state in the ini file

  • improved stability of the audio stream by reducing audio drop outs (by
    using a separate socket thread)... read more

Posted by Volker Fischer 2014-02-25

Jamulus Release 3.3.3

Changes in the release 3.3.3:

  • support for storing/recovering the window positions

  • added new instrument pictures for "Recorder", "Streamer" and "Listener"

  • the solo state of a mixer fader is not exclusive any more and the solo
    state is preserved if the number of mixer faders changes

  • more precise sound card latency estimation under Windows

  • integrated a new OPUS version: v1.1

  • bug fix: support for correct utf-8 storage of names in the ini-file

Posted by Volker Fischer 2013-12-30

Jamulus Release 3.3.2

Changes in the release 3.3.2:

  • the connection setup dialog can now be opened during a connection

  • support for three audio quality settings: low, normal and high

Posted by Volker Fischer 2013-08-24

Jamulus Release 3.3.1

Changes in the release 3.3.1:

- enabled the OPUS codec

- store fader level settings

- improved server performance under Linux

- changed the nework buffer for improved OPUS PLC

- added protocol overhead for DSL line for upload rate calculation

- fixed outstanding renaming from llcon to Jamulus

- bug fix: the overall delay was not correctly calculated

Posted by Volker Fischer 2013-03-24

Jamulus Release 3.3.0

Changes in the release 3.3.0:

- renamed the software from llcon to Jamulus

- support for an instrument picture on the fader tag

- a server welcome message can be shown on a connect to the
server (the message is shown in the chat dialog of the client)

- the source code is now compatible to Qt5

- bug fix: strings in the protocol are now utf-8 coded

Posted by Volker Fischer 2013-02-24

Llcon Release 3.2.2

Changes in the release 3.2.2:

- changed auto jitter buffer property to reduce audio drop outs

- bug fix: mechanism to keep port in NAT of slave server open works now correctly

- bug fix: slave server unregistering may not be successful

Posted by Volker Fischer 2012-07-15

Llcon Release 3.2.1

Changes in the release 3.2.1:

- support for audio device selection under Mac OS

- connect dialog list is sorted by the ping time

- software icon changed

- bug fix: fixed distorted audio with USB sound cards on Mac OS

- bug fix: fixed crash on slave server unregistering

Posted by Volker Fischer 2012-02-02

Release 3.2.0

Changes in the release 3.2.0:

- new GUI style of the main window, added switch for selecting the GUI style in the settings window

- a list of available servers is shown on pressing the connect button, the list is managed by a central server, any private server is added automatically if the registering setting is enabled

- the jitter buffer size can be independently set for client and server

- improved auto jitter buffer algorithm... read more

Posted by Volker Fischer 2011-07-01

Release 3.1.2

Changes in the release 3.1.2:

- show warning in main window if audio delay is too long

- added download link in help menu

- bug fix: solo switch did not work correctly

Posted by Volker Fischer 2011-02-24

Release 3.1.1

Changes in the release 3.1.1:

- added stereo audio channel support

- added input/output audio channel mapping for ASIO audio interface

Posted by Volker Fischer 2010-07-01

Release 3.1.0

Changes in the release 3.1.0:

- support for MacOS (using CoreAudio audio interface)

- sound card frame size support for frame sizes other than 128, 256 and 512

- improvement of network buffer (jitter buffer) in case of small buffer sizes

- all available ASIO sample formats supported

- bug fix for M-Audio Delta ASIO driver

Posted by Volker Fischer 2010-03-16

Infos on Mac port

Good news: The code compiles fine under MacOS and even the CoreAudio implementation is almost ready. It is just a matter of days until llcon runs natively under MacOS.

Posted by Volker Fischer 2010-03-11

Release 3.0.3

Changes in the release 3.0.3:

- accessibility improvements

- show number of connected clients in window title (and therefore in OS task

- added "Whats this" help text to the GUI controls in the general settings
dialog, added Tool Tips to some GUI controls

- server logging history grid lines of weekend days are now plotted with
different line width

- removed ALSA support since the ALSA interface implementation in llcon was
buggy and will not be maintained in the future... read more

Posted by Volker Fischer 2009-12-05

Release 3.0.2

Changes in the release 3.0.2:

- fix for Jack Linux audio interface: ports are only once registered and
connect when the software is started up

- bug fix: under bad network conditions chat messages were randomly repeated

- bug fix: in case the server was shutdown and restarted during a connection,
the channel name was not updated correctly at the server

- updates for help texts

- new design for fader tag... read more

Posted by Volker Fischer 2009-09-24

New release 3.0.1

This is basically a bug fix release with the following changes:

- bug fix: buzzing occurred when audio stream was interrupted (e.g. in case of network trouble)

- in case "Open Chat on New Message" is not enabled, a hint in the status bar is shown when a message is received

- use low complexity CELT encoder profile, this lowers audio dropout
probability on slow computers

Posted by Volker Fischer 2009-08-23

New release 3.0.0

A new major version of the llcon software was just released. In this version, the great audio codec CELT is included. CELT replaces all old audio codecs and is now a core component in the llcon software.

Posted by Volker Fischer 2009-08-19

New release 2.2.2

Hi all,

a new version of llcon client/server software was just released. The version number is 2.2.2.

This version adds some useful features to the software like storing the server URLs or adding a mute and solo switch to each audio fader.

The main GUI layout was changed to make it easier to use. Also, a new LED look was introduced.


Posted by Volker Fischer 2009-05-14

New release 2.2.0

Hi all,

a new version of llcon client/server software was just released. The version number is 2.2.0.

In this release a Jack audio interface is available under the Linux OS.

The overall audio stability is improved by using the same buffer size for network and audio in the client. This also simplifies the settings since the intermediate buffers are removed and must not be configured.


Posted by Volker Fischer 2009-03-13

New release 2.1.2

Hi all,

a new version of llcon client/server software was just released. The version number is 2.1.2.

This release includes changes in the ping time measurement (did not work correctly under Windows OS), lets the user choose the audio compression type and the code runs more stable than the old one.


Posted by Volker Fischer 2008-08-15

New release 2.1.1

Hi all,

a new version of llcon client/server software was just released. The version number is 2.1.1.

This version implements some new features like the chat window or additional information like the ping time, etc. to make the usage more comfortable.


Posted by Volker Fischer 2008-08-03