version 1.05 released

+ added port to D2009 by Daniele Teti, thanx a lot! really, i haven't the 2009 version, so i can't play with it. I was add USE_D2009 directive below, disabled by default

* fixed two small bugs in parsing object: errors with empty object and list; thanx to RSDN's delphi forum members

* fixed "[2229135] Value deletion is broken" tracker issue, thanx to anonymous sender provided code for tree version

* fixed js_string according to "[1917047] (much) faster js_string Parse" tracker issue by Joao Inacio; a lot of thanx, great speedup!

* fixed "[1867794] bug in hashtable" tracker issue by Tayfun Bilge, ideas are from the attached code; it resolve problem
of hash collision, but slow down the work; so i stop the support of hash version and recommend to use the tree one. in any way, lot of thanx to the Tayfun Bilge, it was been a great work.

Posted by Leonid Koninin 2009-01-26