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version 0.99 released

+ add functions to list and object:
function getInt(idx: Integer): Integer;
function getString(idx: Integer): String;
function getWideString(idx: Integer):WideString;
function getDouble(idx: Integer): Double;
function getBoolean(idx: Integer): Boolean;
+ add overloaded functions to object:
function getDouble(nm: String): Double; overload;
function getInt(nm: String): Integer; overload;
function getString(nm: String): String; overload;
function getWideString(nm: String): WideString; overload;
function getBoolean(nm: String): Boolean; overload;
* changed storing mech of TlkJSONcustomlist descendants from dynamic array to TList; this gives us great speedup with lesser changes; thanx for idea to Henri Gourvest
* also reworked hashtable to work with TList, so it also increase speed of work

Posted by Leonid Koninin 2007-05-10