#9 Server side buffer overflow

Robustness (20)

The buffer used to read XML messages from the server is a fixed size buffer.
In some circumstances the TCP/IP stack packs more XML messages and the buffer on the receiver side may be truncated.
This is not desirable parsing XML documents: the parser claims the document is not valid.
A better solution must be found out.
This bug has high priority because solving this later may need a lot of rework on pre-existing code.


  • It will be fixed ASAP.

  • xmlReadFd does not seem tobe a viable solution for a connection oriented socket (it halts until a 0 byte close is sent by client to server).
    A change in protocol is under experimentation: a fixed size prefix before XML message would be used to pick-up exactly one message from TCP buffers.

  • Fixed by release 0.3.2 (SVN revision 129).