Encase-Images with opensource -ewf_mount-

  • Hello Brian! Hello liveview-users!

    I'm a German Crime-Investigator, using liveview with WriteBlocker and
    sometimes with dd-images, mostly converted from Encase-Images.
    I was very surprised by the new and good support of Encase-Images
    using MountImagePro or the Encase-Tool. But, as a friend of Linux and
    all the Opensource-Stuff, I searched for a opensource Tool to mount
    Encase Images. I found "mount_ewf" which works fine (mounting ewf-files
    in readonly mode, also under Windows). But instead of getting it started
    with liveview (MountImagePro for example works) I can't see the drive
    in the Physical Disk Issue. I think it isnt't supported, so I want to
    ask you if your probably interested in programming a support for it :-). 
    By the way --> Many thanks for your fantastic Programm !!!


    Sorry for my bad english!

    • Matthew Geiger
      Matthew Geiger

      Hi Stefan,

      Using libewf, or tools based on the library, is something we have been looking into. We definitely want to support a range of alternative methods for mounting EnCase images. It's just a matter of time.