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LiveCD creates snapshot and boots it as a VM

  • Ulli

    Not LiveView but maybe related.

    the MOA LiveCD (bartpe 2003sp1) has VMware WS 6 and Converter on board.
    You can create a snapshot of a physical disk and directly start it as a VM.
    Redolog can be in ramdisk or portable USB-disk or even in network.

    At sanbarrow.com you wil find a video: the "as-if-stunt" - it shows how you go to any box- boot it into the LiveCD, use WS-GUI to create a rawdisk descriptor, create snapshot with VMrun.exe and start the VM at once.
    You do not need 5 minutes after reaching the box and you can already start that box as a VM with a snapshot.

    I maintain this LiveCD since 3 years now - and I am getting bored.
    Any interesting challenges, ideas are welcome