best video format to be edited&encoded /Lives

  • pepe

    Hi all,

    I have used kdenlive to do a screencast. I would like to import him in lives to edit it and encode it.

    But I don't know what is the best format to do that. I've tried to use kdenlive render profile H.264 lossless slow (video) + AAC sound personalized as that: f=mp4 acodec=libfaac ab=256k ar=44100 ac=1 pix_fmt=yuv420p vcodec=libx264 cqp=0 me_method=dia subq=1 partitions=-parti4x4-parti8x8-partp4x4-partp8x8-partb8x8 trellis=1 aspect=%dar

    But it gives bad result when I open it in Lives.

    So, is there anyone knows a good ffmpeg command (kdenlive use ffmpeg to render), or Kdenlive render profile, or tips in order to edit and encode in Lives a screencast done in kdenlive? (screencast is 15fps, 840x640, mono)

    Thanks a lot for your replies!

    Best regards



  • Anonymous

    So you got Kdenlive to recognize your AAC encoder and you successfully
    rendered your video to a H.264 AVC / AAC file? If so, then L!VES should be
    able to open it. I've rendered such files and L!VES can open them. My problem
    is I can't get L!VES to render back to the H.264 AVC / AAC format. It can do
    MP3, but it can't do AAC. Maybe you can tell me what's wrong with MY setup?