Can titles be created?


  • Anonymous

    I'm looking for a simple video editing program that can add some (overlaid)
    text to the beginning of a video and some text (white on a black background)
    to the end of the video. Can LiVES do this? If so, can you point me to a
    tutorial on how to do it?


  • Salsaman

    Yes, it is possible. There is no tutorial for this but basically:

    • load in the video clip
    • generate the beginning titles with Tools -> Generate -> Generate title frames
    • generate the frames to the clipboard
    • Edit -> Insert, and insert titles before the clip
    • (optionally) Edit -> Select -> Select Last Insertion/Merge, then Audio -> Insert silence in selection
    • select all frames (ctrl-a)
    • generate titles for end as above, then insert after the clip
    • insert silence if required, as above

    You can also fade the titles in and out using Edit -> Merge, see chapter
    4.12.2 of the manual.

    If you want to create a tutorial from this, that would be great !