Libvisual how to pretty please

  • mrhed

    how do i get the libvisual thing to work the readme.txt file dosent describe how to get it working very clearly i mean i can get it working to the music it just sits there doing nothing. in the text file it says that i have to pipe ot to alsa but then lives wants jack and still nothing works either way with those plugins how do i set something to record in an audio mixer do i use jack or alsa could you please give me the steps and what to use im really stumped

  • Salsaman

    Sorry for the late reply - looks like I missed this.

    First libvisual jack support is broken and probably will never be fixed -
    seems that the project is no longer being developed. So the best way is to set
    your audio player to sox, and then you need to set up your audio mixer
    (alsamixer) so that it captures from pcm.