Cannot get rid of audio in multitrack editor

  • Spi

    Hello everyone :), I've looked through the manual for tips on this but no
    luck: I've got weird bits of audio left over in the multitrack from when I've
    deleted extremely short blocks made by splitting larger ones. The audio bits
    are zero length and they don't make any sound themselves so I wouldn't be
    bothered normally but they interfere with the rest of the audio and generally
    with Lives itself. If I copy over a block with audio to where one of these
    buggers are, as soon as the cursor hits it the audio shuts off, and a few
    seconds later Lives crashes...

    I've tried opening the layout files but don't have the program for it to
    delete the references to the zero-length audio.

    I know the program is confused because on the track after those bits
    everything is highlighted in green just like there was infinite audio which of
    course isn't the case.

    I'm using LiVES 1.3.10 on Ubuntu Studio stable, with jack working normally.
    I've had quite a few crashes already, perhaps i'm not doing something right.
    Luckily for me there's the recovery function!


  • Salsaman

    Hi Spi,

    no I don' t think you are doing anything wrong, it sounds like a bug in LiVES.
    However there are a couple of things you can do to help fix this. I don' t
    know if there is a version of LiVES 1.4.2 for ubuntu studio, but that is the
    latest version so if possible you should upgrade to that and see if the bug
    goes away.

    Also you can help by filing a bug report here:

    including the details that you posted here. If you can find a simple test case
    that can be used to reproduce the bug then that would be great !

    Another useful thing would be if you can upload the layout file here.



  • Spi

    Sorry for the long wait between replies: I've made some progress on
    identifying the bug: the audio bits aren't zero length: multiple times I've
    been able to zoom in and manually remove the offending audio that wasn't
    attached to any video in a video track. It seems the bug can be easily
    reproduced by changing audio inside the clip editor while having made changes
    with clips in multitrack. Also, sometimes the delete and move blocks function
    of the multitrack seems inexact or "unclean", leaving audio where there
    shouldn't be any, leading to dropouts during video previews in the multitrack

    I will see if I can provide a good example of a layout with such problems. For
    now, most of these issues can be avoided or worked around with a few
    precautions during editing: for example completely removing from the layout a
    clip that is going to be changed in the clip editor, and then adding it back
    in when the relevant changes have been made.

  • Salsaman

    Hello again ! Thanks very much for the update. I am able to reproduce this bug
    following the steps you suggest: add a clip with audio to multitrack, go into
    the clip editor, load new audio for the clip, return to multitrack mode.

    I'll get this fixed as soon as possible, it should be in version 1.4.3

    Another workaround would be to save and clear the layout before entering the
    clip editor, then reload the layout after making your changes to the audio.

  • Salsaman

    Turns out the bug was worse than I thought - it seemed to happen each time I
    went from multitrack to clip editor and back again.

    I tracked the problem down to the resampler. Each time you enter multitrack
    mode, LiVES will internally load the layout, and resample it to make sure all
    the events take place at the correct time. There happened to be an error in
    this which meant that audio start and end markers would actually get copied
    multiple times. I have fixed this now so that the audio markers will stick to
    the frames they belong to, and ensure we only ever get one copy.

    The fix should be in the next versions of LiVES (1.4.3 - development, 1.3.12 -
    stable). For now you will have to stick to your workaround or else compie
    LiVES from svn.

    Thanks again for your help in reporting this and helping to reproduce it !

  • Spi

    My pleasure ;) LiVES is a great editor (I say this honestly) and deserves
    attention from new video amateurs and pro film makers alike. I'll see if I can
    find any more bugs, and then try out the bug tracker :)