livestmp reports as being small

  • Kazakore

    I seem to have a problem with livetmp and thus currently can load almost
    nothing into LiVES!

    Initially I had my Data partition set to FAT32. Changing directory to this on
    first start of LiVES and stragely it reported the size as being 3.02GB (I
    think) which I thought odd as it is about 130GB and if it was to do with
    filesystem I would of more expected to see ~4GB.

    Anyway after the first time I saw a message warning of low diskspace I decided
    to get rid of FAT32 and have repartitioned the drive to Ext4 (with an extra
    16GB I had set aside for an XP install I don't think I am going to bother with
    now. Before doing this I had deleted the whole Set from with LiVES so that I
    would be starting with a clean slate, or so I hoped.

    After this I got some unsurprising errors (but no option to start LiVES as if
    it was the first time) which I managed to fix by manually editing the .lives
    file to change the directory to the new one. Back into the program, reloading
    some some of the clips I wanted to edit down to short loops, and VERY quickly
    I get a warning of Low Diskspace again!!

    Checking in Preferences > Directories and it shows me as having 280.73MB of
    free space and nothing I do seems to improve this! Checking in Thunar and it
    reports an ample 148.3GB free!

    What can I do, short of reinitialisation?


    Why does LiVES not remember that I uncheck the option to Enclode/Load/Save
    With Sound and Auto Load Subtitles from the File Menu? I am wanting to use for
    VJ purposes and thus will never want sound or subtitles so why force me to
    click on these options Every Single Time I start the program?!?

  • Salsaman

    You can switch off the disk warnings from Preferences -> Warnings.

  • Salsaman

    b) Because nobody has implemented it yet.

  • Kazakore

    (Third time lucky with posting. Will it be eaten again?!) (No but at least I
    remembered a little copy pasta this time.)

    So if I turn off the disk space warning will LiVES continue to save new edits
    once it believes it has run out of space? Currently I have no clips loaded and
    the amount it believe it has will hardly let me load anything at all!
    Especially not even a single file of the larger once would like to slice
    sections out of. So why would it believe there is only 280MB when I know there
    is more than enough space to swing a very large virtual feline by its
    proverbials? At any rate, if you can confirm it will continue to work when it
    believes there is no space left I will give it a go.

    b. Far enough, thought this may be the case. Was there a start up command to
    start with disabled audio? I thought I had seen one but couldn't find it

    I had thought of a couple of minor, and maybe not so minor, ideas but I will
    definitely spend more time with the program before suggesting things that may
    improve it for some but may complicate it for others or not fit your personal
    workflow ideas.

    Anyway thank you kindly for providing this software to all. :)

  • Salsaman

    You are very welcome. Yes if you turn off the disk warnings then you should
    have no problems. As to why it is reporting such little disk space, I do not
    know. It seems to work OK in 99% of cases, you must be one of the unlucky 1% !

    Feel free to list any ideas here:

    I am very busy right now studying for my Masters, but probably after June I
    will have more time.

    Thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated !