error loading plugin help please

  • erehsawluap

    might i start off saying that lives kicks ass everything works fine for me except for loading error loading plugin /usr/lib64//lives/plugins/effects/realtime/weed/libvis.wo might you be able to tell me the steps on how to make that work im just dying to use it ive had dreams about using that plugin please help my dreams come true im on slamd64 on a amd64 machine thats the only error i get when i start up lives oh im using lives version "LiVES" hope that helps

    • Boukenseichou

      error loading plugin /usr/lib64//lives/plugins/effects/realtime/weed/
      This is a similar error that I am getting. Would you recommend the same suggestion as above.. Anyhow I tried reinstalling the packages but still to no avail. Can you guys suggest something?

    • Salsaman

      Seems like you are missing a package, either lib64visual and/or lib64visual-plugins. If you install the missing packages then it should just work.

      But be aware that some of the libvisual plugins are badly broken on 64 bit, in particular gforce and jess will crash, although infinite seems to work ok.