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littleutils-1.0.8 released

BUGFIX! The uppercase, lowercase, and pren utility couldn't rename directories on Unix because of a security check glitch. This has been fixed. My apologies to users of 1.0.7 who ended up with a bunch of zero-length files instead of renamed directories.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2005-11-05

littleutils-1.0.7a released

[Quick update from 1.0.7. There was a stupid typo in the README file, and I really wanted it fixed. Thus the 1.0.7a release.] And now, the rest of the news...

New utilities for file renaming: lowercase, uppercase, and pren (perl rename).

Also, a bug in the replace utility was fixed.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2005-11-04

littleutils-1.0.6 released

BUGFIX! Memory allocation code in randomize for standard input was goofed up, often causing out-of-memory errors when stdin was used. This is now fixed.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2005-10-14

littleutils-1.0.5 released

littleutils-1.0.5 has been released. Bugs in randomize and pngstrip were fixed, and some scripts were consolidated. Updating is highly recommended.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2005-07-04