Incompatible change for 3.05.0

The upcoming 3.05 release will replace the ipfilter method's "Service" option by the new option "Port" to eliminate an ambiguity in nomenclature. Now "Service" will unequivocally mean an LB Service, and Port indicates an IP port being checked (which of course may still be indicated by an IP service name).

To be ready for the new release without invalidating your existing configuration, please augment your services configuration (or serviceoptions, if you're running from database) with "Port" options for all ipfilter-based services. These should otherwise be equal to the same service's existing "Service" option.

Once you migrate to a later version, the old "Service" options may be removed. At that time, be sure to also update any alert templates that may use {Service} to use {Port}. If any of your ipfilter-based services take Service as a parameter or include it in its command line, please replace those instances as well.

Posted by Jeroen T. Vermeulen 2001-05-18