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Where are the demos!

First of all: thanks for the comments! I was struggling with the idea of creating some demos aswell but dropped it as I would much rather prefer a World/Scene Editor to demonstrate functionality. I am stilling designing its core but I am fairly certain that it will deliver what people might be expecting to see from the engine.
I am currently working on both LitTech and the editor while trying to keep up with the latest papers in the field of CG for future projects so please bear with me if I am not updating things as frequently as I did in the past.... read more

Posted by Gokhan Ozdogan 2010-07-10


I have been unable to update the engine since my graphics cards overheated a couple of weeks ago. The next revision will be uploaded as soon as I have a new card - featuring DX11. =)

Posted by Gokhan Ozdogan 2010-03-19

LitTech Game Engine

LitTech Game Engine goes online! Please keep in mind that the engine is still in its early alpha stage and thus far from being complete. Several classes might not work properly (e.g. the quadtree) since I'm planning on re-designing them from scratch later on to improve their performance.

Feel free to contact me with if you have any questions about the engine.

Posted by Gokhan Ozdogan 2009-08-20