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listFix() v2.2.0 released!

listFix() v2.2.0 was just posted - please visit for complete details, and to upgrade today!

Version 2.2.0 is dedicated to my late grandfather, Robert "Ruby" Caron. We love & miss you Pep!

This version was a long time in coming, but it's chock-full of usability enhancements that makes it easier to work on multiple files at once, to manage multiple open playlists, and to interact with listFix() via dragging. Now it takes less time than ever to fix every broken playlist in your collection! ... read more

Posted by firewyre 2012-05-03

listFix() manual finally online!

The user manual is finally complete. I'll be tweaking it of course, but if you have any questions on how listFix() works,'s_Manual is now worth a read.

Posted by firewyre 2011-03-06

listFix() v2.1.0 released!

listFix() v2.1.0 was just posted - please visit to upgrade today!

Release notes:

Version 2.1.0 contains some critical bug fixes and lots of new features building on what was
introduced in 2.0.0. I have much more to add, but it was time to get this set of improvements
stable and out there for everyone to try. Thanks to Sarah for putting up with all the time I
spend in front of a computer, to Pierre for taking the time to help me improve this app, and
those those few generous souls who have donated :)... read more

Posted by firewyre 2011-03-06

listFix() v2.0.0 released!

listFix() v2.0.0 was just posted - please visit to upgrade today!

Release notes:

All I'll say is that Version 2.0.0 is awesome (thus the large jump in version numbers).
Much thanks to Kennedy for all the hard work, for adding most of these new features,
and perhaps most importantly, for getting me working on this again.

We've done as much testing as we possibly can, but there are only two of us and I'm sure
we've missed something. As always, please report any bugs you find.... read more

Posted by firewyre 2010-09-06

listFix() v1.5.3 Released!

After many late nights Version 1.5.3 is ready! Many thanks to Sarah for putting up with me and to Klaas for inspiring a lot of the work.

Version 1.5.3 picks up where 1.5.2 left off. There are lots of new features (including batch playlist repair), see the change log for more information!


New Features:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... read more

Posted by firewyre 2009-04-17

listFix() v1.5.3 Coming Soon!

I'm hoping to release version 1.5.3 very soon, ideally in the next week or so. There are lots of new features and the tool underwent a minor graphical makeover. If anyone is interested in previewing it to help w/ beta testing please contact me at firewyre at

I'm also in the process of setting up a mailing list for notifications of upcoming releases - stay tuned!

  • Jeremy
Posted by firewyre 2009-04-03

listFix() v1.5.2 Released!

I'm happy to report the latest release of listFix()! Version 1.5.2 contains a new playlists directory panel for easy access to your playlist library. It's also the most stable release to date, thanks to some vital QA work (thank you Tony). As always, any and all ideas and bug reports are welcome.

There is a known issue with trying to launch an MP3 or M3U from listFix() in Windows when the name of the file contains an ampersand , '&', character. If you find you can't play a file, this is probably the reason why. If your file doesn't contain this character, please file a bug report :)... read more

Posted by firewyre 2008-07-19

listFix() v1.5.1.5 Released!

Thank you to everyone that emailed me about and filed bug reports on 1.5.1, you made me aware of enough issues that I felt a bug fix release was in order. Here's the fix for almost all the issues you found. It seems to be pretty stable, and hopefully it'll be as solid as I wanted 1.5.1 to be in the first place. Here's a list of what was fixed:

  • Fixed playlist and file playback bug in XP
  • Windows would complain the program "start" could not be found
  • Fixed UTF-8 M3U support
  • Extra comment lines in UTF-8 M3Us were messing with the M3U parser
  • Fixed 2nd run bug
    -listFix() would fail to parse its INI file when the user did not choose a look and feel in the options panel the first time the program was run
  • Relative playlist opening bug
  • Entries with relative references weren't detected as existing when the playlist was first opened
  • Fixed a bug where crashing while writing an M3U would result in a zero-byte file
  • Fixed a selection bug in the media directory panel
  • Allow "find closest matches" on entries that are already found on the file system... read more
Posted by firewyre 2008-06-03

New listFix() website is live!

I've revamped the project's web site, check it out at! Version 1.5.1 screenshots are coming soon!

Posted by firewyre 2008-04-12

listFix() v1.5.1 Released!

Version 1.5.1 has all of the goodies from the beta version, plus...

An options screen with the following options:

  • Save playlists with relative references!!
  • Auto-refresh media library on startup
  • Auto-locate playlist entries on load
  • Number of recent playlists in history
  • Look & feel selector

Collapsible split pane on main screen.

Now when "save with relative paths" option is off, existing relative file refs in an M3U will be changed to absolute paths.... read more

Posted by firewyre 2008-04-07

listFix() v1.5.1 Beta Released!

This version addresses some of the comments I've gotten so far. Please give it a try and let me know what you think. I am making this the default version for download so I can get as much feedback as possible, so if you want version 1.5 please grab it from the "Browse all files" section. Here's the release notes and change log:

Please refresh your media library to index the newly supported file types after installation.... read more

Posted by firewyre 2008-03-29

It's a nice feeling...

finally having a real home for this project. I started writing it while driving across the country in 2001, mainly out of boredom and to learn some swing. There have been several many-year gaps in its development being that I was the only user, but I always find myself coming back to it eventually. Hopefully making it public will motivate me to work on it more often and help some M3U users in the process. Please email me with any thoughts, suggestions, comments, or questions!

Posted by firewyre 2008-03-11