I have a Twinhan DVB-T remote.
I set up udev like so :

Interestingly you will note that there are two /dev/input/event devices ... I find that the first one works with lirc to some degree. The second one doesn't ...

When I use irrecord like so :
irrecord -H "dev/input" -d /dev/input/irremote temp.txt

I find that even when I press different buttons, they show up with the same number :
for example :           zero                        0x8001000B
                              upArrow                  0x8001000B

If I try to use the second /dev/input/irremote2, then irrecord can't record anything !!! It simply times out.

The output from irrecord for example is :
begin remote

  name  temp.txt
  bits           32
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  one             0     0
  zero            0     0
  gap          195996
  toggle_bit_mask 0x8001001E

      begin codes
          l                        0x8001000B
          o                        0x8001000B
          k                        0x00000000
      end codes

end remote

any ideas ???