I was attempting to see if I could get an mce keyboard working with an imon remote interface. No joy so far and was hoping that perhaps someone may have some useful information…


basic details as follows, can provide other details as req’d


Vendor=15c2 Product=0036 Version=0002


lircd 0.9.0


The keys that are present on the regular remote seem to recognise as per the regular remote. There is some cross over of keys e.g. backspace seems to work as per back etc. I’m guessing the imon_mce keymap does not contain the relevant scan codes? I did attempt to use irrecord but this did not help it seems only to respond to keys already present in the keymap. I’m not 100% sure on the best way to find out the missing scan codes, none of the existing key maps seemed to have anything that could be converted. Perhaps I can get the codes from one of the other kernel modules (or some other reference) and convert them somehow, any suggestions appreciated?