Hello, I am under contract with Intel with one of their embedded systems organizations.  Intel is specifying the requirements for a reference design platform that has an IR remote “blaster” function.  Intel is highly interested in using open source Linux code whenever possible.  Therefore LIRC on the surface looks very interesting but we have the following initial questions/concerns.


  1. One of the LIRC supported hardware interfaces uses DTR on a serial port.  The Intel hardware reference design does not have a serial port.  However there are plenty of GPIO ports available.  I assume a small software change is possible to use a GPIO pin instead of DTR?

  2. There appears to be a large library of remote codes for all the various TV, etc. remotes out there.  Is this as rich as it seems?

  3. How robust is the DTR hardware solution?

  4. Who can Intel contact with further in depth questions?


William E. Jacobs

Floirda R&D, Inc.



v: 321.951.3567