Hi Alec,

Willem and I discussed this a few weeks ago (off list) and he came up with the changes for 0.9.0 which I compiled and did some testing. Haven't got the changes to hand right now (on mobile) but will find this tomorrow and pass it on.

Thanks for looking into it!


On 16 Feb 2014 14:57, "Alec Leamas" <leamas.alec@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear list,

Sorry for trying to reply to old message, probably loosing thread sync.

Anyway; A have  looked into the revised version of hd_ftdi.c attached
into previous message in this thread.. Basically, it seems that this
should fix an important bug.

What needs to be done now is to review this and eventually merge it
into the upstream. I myself cannot review it, I don't know the code
that well. And those who can is an extremely sparse resource.

When comparing "your" version of hw_ftdi.c with current upstream, most
of the changes are formatting, space changes and such, This makes the
diff hard to review. I have tried to tear away those changes, just
leaving the functional ones in the attached patch.

If anyone (WIillem, Paul: are you listening) could check that this
patch indeed does the job it would make a review much easier.



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