Usbuirt2 is a good option, as is mce based transceiver. It's usually best to stick to well used and known-to-work hardware.

On Nov 4, 2012 7:38 AM, "stuart" <> wrote:
It's a year later....

Hi, I was rebuilding my mythtv box which has been using lirc and the USB
Infrared Toy from to control mythtv very
successfully for quite some time.

But this go around I wanted to also control my TV from the USB Infrared
Toy.  (For those who may not know, the USB Infrared Toy is a PIC
( based IR receiver and transmitter which uses the PIC's
USB peripheral hardware to connect to your computer.)

To do this I have been chasing down what support there might already be
to help in the transmission of IR signals from the USB Infrared Toy to
my Sony TV.  I have connected the dots to this (i.e. this particular
thread I'm typing into now).  That is, to this lirc patch submission by
Peter Kooiman.

I've downloaded the Peter's patch and looked for the associated files in
the lirc GIT repository.  Specifically I looked for
"daemons/hw_usbirtoy.c" but did not find it.

I looked here:

So, I assume the support to transmit IR signals using the USB Infrared
Toy PIC based dongle from does not exist for
Linux based Mythtv users as it is not part of the effort?

If true, do any have an alternate suggestion?


On 09/02/2011 03:08 AM, Peter Kooiman wrote:
> [As plain text this time, sorry!]
> Hello,
> Attached two patches that add support for the Dangerous Prototypes USB Remote Toy receiver/transmitter, for review and possible inclusion.
> Patches are against git HEAD.
> Peter
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