Hi everyone,
I am sorry for my previous mail, but I forgot a lot of details about my computer and my installation.
I'm working on an Ubuntu 32bit and I'm using 0.9.0 Lirc version.
I have an IrBlasterSerial plug in a ftdi USB to serial adapter and  four serial port.
I succeed to send IR signal with my IrBlaster serial, I used homebrew uart serial configuration for Lirc.
But now I want to send IR signal with my adapter and my IrBlaster serial.That means I want to use ftdi configuration to send my signal.
I try three times with three kinds of installation(CVS, package, source code).
I launched it with this command:
-lircd -H ftdi -d serial=AH018PA5 -n
-irsend SEND_ONCE DVDremote.conf KEY_POWER
And lircd showed this:
lircd: lircd(ftdi) ready, using /var/run/lirc/lircd
lircd: accepted new client on /var/run/lirc/lircd
lircd: Initializing FTDI: serial=AH018PA5
lircd: hwftdi_send() carrier=38000Hz f_sample=524288Hz 
lircd: opened FTDI device 'serial=AH018PA5' OK
lircd: removed client
There was no more information about my command and the signal wasn't sent by my IrBlaster.
If you know why Lirc do this or how to fix this, answer me please.
Sorry again about my previous mail and thank you for your time and your consideration.
Thomas Lafouasse, EPITECH's student.