El 01/04/2011 08:49, "Whites11" <whites11@gmail.com> escribió:
> ok, thanks for pointing that out. i tried this, but still no signals
> catched by [x]mode2
> modprobe lirc_wpc8769l skip_probe=1 irq=4 baseport1=0x600 baseport2=0x620
> any hint how to understand where the problem is?

No idea so far, but the fact that auto detection does not work seems utterly suspicious. Perhaps the BIOS didn't activate the device.

Could you put some debug printk() calls in the wec_parse_resources() function to see what's happening?

You could also check whether the BIOS has some option for enabling or disabling the CIR hardware.

Barring that, I'd like to have a ACPI DSDT table disassembly, to see whether there's some Windows specific conditional in there...


   Juan Jesús.